Karma Kagyud Buddhist Centre Singapore

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Fig 1. Karma Kagyud Buddhist Centre

As an initiative to spread the teaching of the Kagyu Lineage, in 1997, Shamar Rinpoche encouraged and advocated the founding of Karma Kagyud Buddhist Centre in Singapore. H.E. Kunzig Shamar Rinpoche requested Shangpa Rinpoche to be the resident Rinpoche for Singapore for the benefit of the Buddhists there. Since then Shangpa Rinpoche started to travel to Singapore and to many Karma Kagyud Centres in South East Asia.

In Singapore, Shangpa Rinpoche quickly established the Karma Kagyud Buddist Centre and initiated the purchase of permanent premises for regular teachings and ceremonies. Rinpoche also travels regularly to Karma Kagyud centres throughout South East and East Asia. His disciples in the region generously contributed towards the maintenance of both the centres in Singapore and Pokhara.

For the past decades since its birth, Karma Kagyud Buddhist Centre has actively propagated the Buddha Dharma. Shangpa Rinpoche has worked tirelessly to guide all his disciples and maintain the continuance of the lineage propagation in the island of Singapore. In a year, Shangpa Rinpoche will spend around 4-5 months (excluding occassional travels abroad) in the center to conduct teachings, lead pujas and give advices. Sometimes other teachers and rinpoches will come either during his presence or absence to teach in our center. The resident lama is always around, even during Shangpa Rinpoche's absence. His responsibility is to lead weekly pujas and prayers, and also to answer questions from the disciples about the procedures and ritual items of the ceremonies. Karma Kagyud Buddhist Centre welcomes anyone who is interested in the teaching of the Buddha Dharma to join KKBC big family and participate in KKBC activities in Singapore. For more information about Karma Kagyud Buddhist Centre, please visit KKBC Website.